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Save yourself from the trouble of installing sports equipment, such as basketball hoops and treadmills, with willard installs. Our family-owned-and-operated company offers all types of basketball system and fitness equipment installations for residential and commercial clients.

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We're proud of the top-quality and affordable work we've offered for more than two decades. View our pricing list to determine the cost of your installation, or let us know if you want one of our promotional items to help spread the word about our superior installations.

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Spring Startup & Job Scheduling

Who We Are

Owned and operated by Mark Willard, willard installs based in Lake Odessa, Michigan, is proud to offer the best in sports equipment installations. From basketball hoops to treadmills and ellipticals, air hockey tables, and combo tables, our experienced team can install anything you need at a price you can afford.

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Welcome to Spring!

Every Spring, willard installs, goes through the same excitement and startup pain; referring to March Madness and sunny days that are often too cold and nights that still get below freezing, then rain comes when it warms up. Willard installs tries to get a few inground basketball systems put in before the trees bud up, but it is hard to find the following acceptable weather conditions.

For inground basketball system foundations, the concrete must have 24 hrs of cure time and must not be allowed to freeze. According to our local concrete redimix plant, this allows the concrete to obtain approximately 50% strength. (Concrete reaches about 70% strength in 72 hrs of cure time (ct), about 80% in a week of ct, and it takes more than a month of ct to achieve 90% strength.)

Since willard installs guarantees all of our work, and willard installs has never had a foundation fail using this policy, willard installs has the following Spring, startup schedule, which changes daily, until the trees bud up. (At that time we no longer check the weather.)
"First Up", "On Deck", and "In The Hole" is our terminology for scheduling jobs in for each area, keep in mind that Willard Installs can do up to 10 foundations in each area in a week! when weather conditions permit, MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A TICKET # from your underground line marking, MS Dig 800-482-7171, OUPS 800-362-2764, B4U DIG 800-382-5544.

Contact us to take advantage of our sports equipment installations, which we'll tailor to your needs at a great price.

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