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Pricing & Retailers

Homeowner Price List

Project/Service Assemply Rates Price

In-Ground Basketball Systems (includes Sak-Crete Expense)
OPTIONAL:  Direct Bury Style poles can be filled with cement for an additional $35.  This does not pertain to Bolt Down Style poles.  This is recommended to keep rain water from accumulating  inside the pole, freezing, and therefore mushrooming the pole out, cracking the finish and leading therefore to premature pole failure.  Additionally, the pole becomes stiffer due to the increased mass and therefore it plays better.

Portable Basketball Systems $150
Hoop Installation $400
In-Ground Basketball System Removal $175
Half Court Lines (includes 3 pt arc & 2 ft Free-Throw Line) / Entire Key $100/175
Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Gazelles, etc $65
Ellipticals, "The Cage", Marcy 150 lb Home Gym, Trampolines, etc $140
Pool, AirHockey, Combo Tables (customer crew required at delivery point) $175
Pool Tables requiring complete assembly (i.e. "Mizerak") $200
Resistance Home Gyms with 20 pulleys $190
Home Gyms with two weight stacks $240

Commercial Price List

Basketball (Based on Two Visits) Basketball (Based on Two Visits)
Ceiling Mounts $650 Each  Core Drill Power Volleyball $450 for Each Pocket
Wall Mounts $350 Each Chain-Link Sides & Net Top $2,200
Ceiling- & Wall-Braced Systems $550 Each Batting Cages – All Net 14' x 70' x 12' with Arches $1,000 (One)/$1,700 (Two)
Backboard & Rim $150 Each Park Playgrounds Based on Size of Project
Rims Only (Minimum of Four) $40 Each Lockers $55 Each
Height Adjustors (Add $200 to Project) $300 Each Gym Dividers - Over 30' High $1050 Each
Wall Pads (Standard 2' x 6') $1.00 per Square Foot
Gym Dividers – Under 25' High $800 Each

Trip charge $70, will be vary based on distance.

Helpful Information

1. ALL Assembly Jobs MUST include a "Trip charge". Example; A customer buys a trampoline and takes it home. The customer then hires willard installs to assemble it.  The customer will pay for 1 trip charge PLUS assembly price (i.e. $70 TRIP + $140 ASSY=$210). willard installs will pick up at the store and deliver at no additional cost.

2. Inground Basketball Customers should call to have UNDERGROUND UTILITY LINES MARKED.  IN MI Call MS DIG at 800-482-7171, IN OHIO Call OUPS at 800-362-2764, IN INDIANA Call B4U DIG 800-382-5544. INGROUND BASKETBALL SYSTEMS REQUIRE TWO TRIPS.

3. Inground Basketball Customers, if manufacturer’s directions call for the pole to be filled with cement, the customer will be given the choice of either doing this themselves or paying willard installs an additional $40, 50, 60 for 4", 5", 6" square poles.

To Order:

mc.willard@hotmail.com or VIA PHONE TO 844-224-6672 (Voice Mail messages are returned the next business day; a Friday message will not normally be returned until Monday.)

The Following Information is needed; Your Name (spell it if appropriate), your address with zip code, your phone numbers (We will call you when we are done with the job ahead of you or when we are on our way.  We will set 4 hour appointment windows, i.e. "___day, 1 to 4 pm.)

After you call the underground line marking company, EMAIL, TEXT, or if you have to, call US WITH YOUR TICKET#, then we will SCHEDULE you for the DAY AFTER THE LINES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MARKED.  We are USUALLY there the FIRST GOOD WEATHER DAY AFTER THE LINES ARE MARKED.  IN MI Call MS DIG at 800-482-7171, IN OHIO Call OUPS at 800-362-2764, IN INDIANA Call B4U DIG 800-382-5544.

Working with Retailers

Willard installs is known for quality service, and we welcome customer referrals. Help our business gain a larger client base and refer us to other clients using our promotional items, such as our custom signs. We also owe a big thank you to MC Sports for continually referring us to new clients.

What We Offer:

• In-Store Signs • Business Cards

• Stickers & More

• Magnets


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Currently, willardinstalls is only installing for local AB Hoops customers. Please GO TO: ABHOOPS.net to place your order and receive a $200 install discount.